Tots to tote children’s books

by Town Reminder

Kazoo Brigade aims to move library children’s section to new locale

By Lauren Quirici

SOUTH HADLEY – Everybody is excited about the approaching opening of the new South Hadley Public Library, including the town’s youth. 
While the library is closed during the moving process, children (and adults) will get an opportunity to channel that excitement through a special event intended to get the town’s young residents involved. 
On Saturday, Aug. 23 (Aug. 24 in case of rain), the Children’s Kazoo Brigade, armed with kazoos and toting portions of the library’s children’s section, will make a celebratory march up the hill to the library’s new home.
At 10 a.m. on the day of the parade, participating families will assemble at the “old” library to prepare for the march.  Kazoos and books will be distributed, and the parade will begin as soon as possible after the participants’ arrival.  Children are encouraged to bring wagons, strollers or any other wheeled devices that will make the books easier to carry.
A professional library moving company will be handling the rest of the move which is projected to be complete by the time the Kazoo Brigade makes its way up the hill. The library’s holiday collection has been reserved for the children to carry. Each child will be given a number of books to bear along the short trip as well as a complimentary kazoo to make some joyful noise. The parade will conclude at the new library at 2 Canal Street, overlooking the historic South Hadley Canal.  Refreshments will be served at the parade’s end.
The idea for the parade originated with elected library trustee Gillian Woldorf and planning board chair Joan Rosner.  The two came up with the same idea independently of each other.  After discovering that they had been thinking alike, they joined forces to plan and organize the event.  
“For kids, the transition from one building to another is often difficult, whether they’re moving to a new home or one school to another,” Woldorf explains about her motivation to create the event.  “For kids to be part of the moving process, I think, is really important to help with the transition, and also to help them feel like they’re part of a whole community.”
 Woldorf, who lives in the Falls area with wife Heather Reichgott, has a six-year-old daughter named Tovah who will be participating in the parade.  As a resident of the Falls, Woldorf is happy about the decision to keep the library in the area. “I think it’s going to be wonderful for the revitalization of this part of town,” she says.
Though the parade is focused on the kids, adults are encouraged to participate in the ceremony by attending and cheering the kids on along the route.  Though participation is free, families are asked to pre-register for the event to ensure that the right number of complementary kazoos and refreshments can be provided. Interested families can register to participate at the library and can call 538-5045 for with any questions.