Feeding Hills man killed in North Main Street crash

by Town Reminder

The underbelly of a silver Toyota Camry is facing outward from a garage of 197 North Main Street into which it crashed Wednesday evening after striking a tree.

Feeding Hills man killed in North Main Street crash
Cause remains under investigation
By Kristin Will
Staff Writer

SOUTH HADLEY – A car crash Wednesday evening in which a vehicle struck a tree and plunged into the garage of 197 North Main Street has resulted in a fatality.
Greg A. Kwasny, 41, of Feeding Hills, was driving a silver 2007 Toyota Camry at 6:45 p.m. southbound on North Main Street at a high rate of speed, according to South Hadley Police Detective Mark Dominick, when he struck a large tree located on 203 North Main Street.
The car apparently became airborne after striking the tree, evidenced by a lack of tire marks in the area, and rolled continuously until it forcefully wedged itself into the left side of the garage of 197 North Main Street, sending large and small vehicle parts hundreds of feet into neighboring yards.
The homeowners of the residence were about to sit down for dinner in the kitchen at the time of the crash but decided to eat in a different room that evening, they said. “We heard a loud bang,” said homeowner Mike Fern. “The whole house shook. There was a flash and a loud bang.” He, his wife and their two dogs were uninjured.
Fire District No. 1 responded with fire engines No. 1 and 3 and their ambulance. Fire District No. 2 responded with their rescue truck, ambulance and fire engine. The Granby Fire Department was called as well for mutual aid.
Fire District No. 1 Chief Robert Authier said fire fighters from District No. 2 shored up one side of the garage with wood and metal beams while fire fighters from District No. 1 used the Jaws of Life to extricate the operator, who was alive at that time, from the twisted vehicle inside the garage. The man was stabilized and transported to Baystate Medical Center where he later succumbed to his injuries.
The force of the severe impact to the residence detached the garage from the front of the home. It sent the vehicle’s battery flying into the home’s attic. The vehicle’s engine came to rest in the home’s backyard. Its transmission landed in a neighbor’s backyard. A tire came to rest in front of the tree the vehicle struck and a door frame was found completely across the street.
Neighbors on scene said the impact sounded like an explosion or roll of thunder. One woman who did not want to identify herself said she could hear the incident from her Highland Avenue residence. One man said he saw the car hit the tree and explode. Others said they did not hear screeching brakes or anything to indicate the operator attempted to slow the vehicle down.
The Toyota was wedged deeply into the garage on top of the homeowners’ second vehicle. Interstate Towing responded to the scene to assist in extricating the Toyota from the garage. Authier said the garage roof would likely be cut and removed in order to pull out the vehicle.
The Massachusetts State Police Accident Reconstruction Team responded to the scene to determine exactly what occurred. The cause of the deadly crash is unknown at this time.