David Gagne attains rank of sergeant

by Town Reminder

By Kristin Will
Staff Writer, kwill@turley.com

SOUTH HADLEY – After a dedicated 10 years as an officer on the South Hadley Police Department, David Gagne has been promoted as a sergeant.
Gagne, a life-long South Hadley resident, had always wanted to work as a police officer. The profession runs deep in Gagne’s family. His father, Gerard Gagne, was a state police officer. His uncle, Arthur Gagne, was a police officer. And his grandfather was a police department volunteer in the 1950s.
“As soon as I put my dad’s boots on at three years old, I knew it was something I wanted to do,” said Gagne.
The 34-year-old South Hadley resident is a 1995 graduate of South Hadley High School. He attended the Agawam Police Academy and subsequently graduated from it in 2002. He was then hired as a police officer on the South Hadley Police Department.
Two years into the start of his career, Gagne took the test required for applying to a sergeant position. He passed, but the position was given to his peers with more seniority.
Last October, Gagne decided to again take the test. “I was more serious about it this time,” he said. “It was time for a change, a challenge.” He learned in January that he again passed the test and was offered the position of sergeant.
Gagne will fill one of two sergeant vacancies on the department. He enjoys all aspects of his job and working with the South Hadley department. “I like to help people who want to be helped,” he said.
South Hadley Police Chief David Labrie called Gagne a “great asset” to the South Hadley department. “It’s been a long time coming,” said LaBrie of Gagne’s promotion. “We’re glad he is on board.”
In addition to his role as a sergeant, Gagne is the department’s firearms instructor and processes all firearm applications. And when he’s not on the job, his favorite role is as a dad to his two children, Kurt, 3, and Danica, 2, and as a husband to wife Kris. Gagne said he spends as much time as he can with his family and “is more than happy to do that.”