Officials name Jack Sullivan as Ledges general manager

by Town Reminder

By Matthew Couto
Turley Publications Correspondent

SOUTH HADLEY – Finalist Jack Sullivan was selected by the Selectboard, Golf Commission and General Manager Screening Committee Wednesday night as the general manager of Ledges Golf Course.
Not only did his background in the golf industry persuade the many various members of the groups present, but his eagerness to market the golf course to everyone who shares a passion for golf really grabbed their attention.
Sullivan was not the only qualified candidate interviewed that night. All four finalists are all members of the Professional Golf Association [PGA].
Sullivan is from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He has worked as general manager of the Ledges Course in York, Maine, and as director of golf at Roanoke Country Club in Stratford, Conn. When asked what makes him the most qualified, Sullivan’s answer was simple.
“Been there, done that,” said Sullivan. “With 49 years of experience in the golf industry, I have found that if you make the staff happy to be at work and help customers, the customers will almost always have fun and want to return.”
Sullivan explained to the Selectboard and Ryan Bagley, chair of Golf Commission, along with the rest of the members in the crowd, that his marketing skills kept the courses he managed in the past full at all times.
“When we had times that were slow during the day, I went to the nearest hotels and came up with a package deal for customers who would like to play some golf,” said Sullivan. “The hotel would work with us and we would be able to give customers of the hotel time on the green at the same time filling up times that leagues and members found less desirable.”
Sullivan also made it clear that Ledges needs to be available to everyone in the community and placed special importance on families being able to go out and play a round of golf. According to Sullivan, having a course that does not allow members to play with their children is simply not acceptable.
In addition to his many years in the golf industry, Sullivan has had the opportunity to develop and work on budgets as large as $1.2 million dollars. When asked how he would monitor the budget here at Ledges in South Hadley, he explained he would conduct a review every two weeks to check revenue and expenditures, as well as to keep staff and variable expenses in line.
After the interviewing process was complete, the Selectboard, along with the Golf Commission, General Manager Screening Committee and acting Town Administrator Jennifer Wolowicz, selected Sullivan to the position of general manager at Ledges due to his extremely lengthy career as a golf professional.
“Jack shared more imagination with his marketing skills than the other finalists and we also believe he would be a great face for the town of South Hadley to get to know,” said Bagley.
The vote to select Sullivan as general manager was unanimous for the Selectboard as well as the screening committee and Golf Commission.
“The offer of employment is going to be contingent on satisfactory references that Ms. Wolowicz will be sorting through tomorrow morning,” said Selectboard Chair Robert Judge.
The other three finalists for the position were Rick Cardoza of Glastonbury, Conn., Longmeadow resident John Riordan and Douglas Juhasz, a golf professional originally from New Jersey.
Juhasz was chosen as the runner up for the position if for some reason the references received for Sullivan were not satisfactory.